Eco Tabs

The ECO TABS range is a multifunctional tablets engineered to oxygenate wastewater, remove hydrogen sulphide odours, prevent corrosion, and initiate aerobic biological breakdown of organic sludge, including natural oils and grease.

Unlike liquid treatment systems, these tablets fall to the bottom of the tank for treatment, and dissolve over time releasing the multifunctional chemicals. The tablets are designed to dissolve slowly through the use of natural water soluble polymers and synthetic non-hazardous polymer binders. All of the ingredients in the tablets are environmentally safe and do not require any special permitting to meet effluent or pre-treatment requirements.

The tablets dissolve releasing sodium carbonate peroxydate, a solid form of hydrogen peroxide. The subsequent release of oxygen causes an immediate bubbling action that disperses the oxygen throughout the tank. The sodium carbonate portion of the salt then buffers the water to a neutral pH. The oxygen released reacts immediately with any hydrogen sulphide (and other sulphides, thiols, and mercaptans) creating non-toxic sodium sulphate and various salts of the organic sulphides. The oxygenation of the water mitigates sulphide odours and ultimately prevents the corrosion of pipes, pumps, and valves due to the elimination of the acid hydrogen sulphide and other naturally occurring acids in the wastewater.

Because the tablet descends to the bottom of the tank, the action of the tablet during the dissolution causes bubbling within the bottom sludge. The combination of the oxygenation and buffering of the water, bubbling action, and the release of aerobic bacteria initiates the biodegradation of the oil and grease and other organic sludge. In a system with constant flow, a scheduled application of eco-tabsTM will remove the oil and grease sludge completely, leaving only solids it will not degrade or breakdown (e.g. plastic applicators, bottle caps, etc). A continual application of eco-tabsTM removes hydrogen sulphide and digest residual organic sludge and is one of the easiest and most cost-effective treatments.

Eco-tabs are designed to:

Release chemicals that oxygenate and buffer the wastewater


Neutralize acids and convert hydrogen sulphide to non-corrosive sulphate and other neutral salts


Prevent corrosion of metal and concrete piping and other pumping equipment


Initiate bacterial degradation and aerobic digestion of oil, grease and bottom sludge