24 Hour Spill Response

We offer clients professional services across a broad range of emergency scenarios:

– Oil Spills
– Chemical Spills
– Road Tanker Roll Overs
– Transporter Load Shifts and Overloading
– Industrial & Process Spills
– Rail, Road & Aviation Spills
– Recovery of goods in transit
– Chemical Fires
– Spills on all surfaces (Soil, Water, Tar, etc)
– Mock incident Training
– Emergency Response Plans


Ultra High Pressure Jetting
– Jet Blasting
– Cement and tar road surfaces
– Roof and other structures

Water Jetting is a rapidly growing technology used in the industrial cleaning and surface preparation industry.
We have a wide range of water jetting pumps (from 250-2800bar) and accessories to maximise any water jetting application.

Our Water Jetting service is able to clean the following contaminated areas:
– Tank cleaning processes
– Road marking removal
– Surface preparation
– Removal of scaling
– Industrial cleaning

Benefits of using our Water Jetting Service:
– Environmentally Friendly process
– Ideal for surface preparation
– Efficient process – saves costs
– Ideal for industrial cleaning
– Minimal waste disposal


At Luhlaza, we understand the needs and requirements of various industries (mining, process plants, manufacturing plants etc.) with relation to pipe cleaning and draining services.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to successfully address current challenges and tailor specific solutions to the end of ensuring that production increases while safety and compliance are never compromised.

Advantages of pipe cleaning and descaling:
– Increased pump efficiency and tonnage throughput;
– Longer pump life (no backpressure);
– Optimal throughput/delivery of product to process;
– Less downtime which means more production and increased efficiency.

Remediation of land and soil

What is Bio-Remediation?

Bio-remediation can be defined as any process that uses microorganisms, fungus, green plants or other enzymes to return the natural environment, altered by contaminants, to its original condition.
Bio-remediation can be employed to attach specific soil contaminants, such as degrading of chlorinated hydrocarbons by bacteria.
An example of a more general approach is the cleanup of oil spills by addition of nitrate or sulphate fertilisers to facilitate the decomposition of oil by indigenous or erogenous bacteria.
We have extensive experience in the bio-remediation and restoration of polluted an contaminated sites.


Super Suckers are available 24hrs a day, 365 Days a year

We own two Super Sucker with a wet ring NASH vacumation system.

Our Super Sucker also consists of an on-board High Pressure washing system that is used to clean on site systems during our industrial cleaning operations

Units are able to vacuum out the following contaminated areas:
– Separator systems
– Sumps and pits
– Manholes
– Oil holding dams
– Excavations containing contaminated water

Benefits of using our Super Sucker:
– Legal disposal of your waste
– Trained and skilled personnel
– Recovery of product or re-use
– Fast and effective


All industries generate waste during their manufacturing processes.

Waste disposal methods for these processes are always a waste management headache for our clients.

We provide the best and most cost effective solutions for waste management in the industry. We also provide our clients with a variety of options.

The following services is in our waste management profile:
– 1m3 waste bin placement and removal(hazardous waste, hydrocarbon waste, liquid waste and recyclable waste)
– Sampling to identify waste streams
– Crane lifting services to remove redundant/damaged underground storage tanks
– Waste storage consumables to place generated waste into (see our Clean and Safe products section)
– Contaminated soil removal and safe disposal

We recommend that all our clients keep a register with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for products used on-site.  This will speed up the waste disposal quoting process paperwork that is required by the OHSA.

Asbestos Removal & Disposal

With over 18 years’ experience in the industry and over 100 000 tons of asbestos stripped and safely disposed, we are the service provider you can trust to provide you with Quality work done in a safe manner.

We strive to provide clients with an exceptional customer service delivery.

Rapid Spill Response® is a registered asbestos removal contractor with the Department of Labour.

Our Trained personnel ensure that all asbestos sites are managed in accordance with the Asbestos Plan of work (POW), as set out be the Approved Inspection Authority (AIA).

Raw Asbestos and asbestos containing materials are safely removed, handled, transported and disposed of in accordance with all applicable legislation.

A site inspection and clearance are done on completion of asbestos work to certify the removal of asbestos containing material.

We remove all Asbestos Containing material (ACM), including but not limited to:
– Ceiling boards
– Insulation
– Facia Boards
– Piping
– Roof Sheeting & Tiles
– Gaskets
– Window Sills
– Gutters
– Tanks
– Down pipes
– Heaters
– Trench covers
– Building demolition
– Lagging
– Tiles, Flower pots
– Soil and water contaminated with asbestos