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Luhlaza Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a company based in Northern Cape, South Africa.

Luhlaza is a BEE Level 2 company founded by Geyser Enterprise Development Group to promote entrepreneurship in the local community. It utilizes its knowledge of the industry as well as experts and partners in the field of microbiology as well as conservation to be a notable competitor in the market.

Luhlaza was established in December 2017 and started conducting business in January 2018 with its first waste management contract at Moolmans on Sishen Mine in Kathu, and Luhlaza also received a 24 month rehabilitation contract in June 2018 for environmental rehabilitation on Sishen Mine in the Northern Cape province.

Luhlaza sells a full range of environmental products. We have a market based in the Northern Cape and currently expanding to the rest of South Africa.


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Luhlaza also sell waste water treatment products for various contaminants including but not limited to the following –

Raw Sewerage

Hydrocarbon contaminated water

E-Coli infested water

Organic Sludge Build-up

We have a competent team to assist with any environmental services anywhere in South Africa.

BeeBeing on a BEE Level 2 accreditation, we are a desired and correctly registered company to use for all your environmental and PPE requirements.